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People's Choice Image Competitions

Welcome to the ASB2021 Image Competition! We thought this would be a little bit of fun and another way we could interact between the virtual and in person realms! There will be prizes for the voted best image in each category and everyone has a chance to submit images and vote! We didn't want to make this just another microscopy image competition so we've broadened the scope:


Best Science/Data Image: can be any image of scientific data including microscopy, but also extending to computational simulations, diffraction patterns, blots, anything you can think of!


Best Doing Science Image: can be any aspect of doing science. The people, the lab, the experiments, the equipment!


Best At the Conference Image: can be any aspect of your conference attendance and experience, from venue to catering to colleagues, that means for all of our virtual attendees, we would love to see your at home set up, your lunch choices, and any family or pets keeping you company!.

Entering your image:

Anyone registered for ASB2021 can enter. Images can be uploaded anytime from now until until 12pm Wednesday 1st December.


You may only upload your own images – if these have been captured as part of a collaboration please make sure you have permission. Same with images that have other people in them! Each individual is limited to three image submissions in each competition. Please provide an image title and a short explanation of the technique or content as the subtitle. Also provide your name and email so we can contact winners – these will remain hidden until voting is complete! Make sure you have filled in all the fields when submitting or it will not upload!


Please do not upload any images that you are not comfortable sharing – once something is on the internet, it's on the internet forever!



Voting opens at 3pm Monday 29th and will close at 3pm Wednesday the 1st. Everyone can vote! Each person gets ten ‘dot votes’ which you can choose to spread across your favorite images however you like! Maximum score for one image is 5 so, for example, you could place five votes on your two favorite images, or two votes on your favorite 5, etc. It's entirely up to you and you can change your mind at any time, just make sure you have dots available and that it registers as saved.


Vote based on aesthetics, on technique, on the people and the  science! Please also feel free to comment on your favorite images!


Thanks for taking part and good luck!

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